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Theses Supervised

33 students have completed their M.Sc. theses, 3 M.Sc. students and 4 Ph.D. students are currently working on their research projects. Also 3 Ph.D. students have completed their theses.

Ph.D. Theses

1- Barekatein Alireza, Topology Optimization of Plates with Geometrical Nonlinearity Under Static and Dynamic Loading, (2009)

2- Mossaiby Barzy,  Farshid, Solution of Solid Mechanics’ Problems in Bounded and Unbounded Domains Using Semi-Analytic and Finite Element Methods, (2010)

3- Najjar, Mohammad, Elasto-plastic Analysis of Two Dimensional Domains Using Meshless Methods, (2010)

M.Sc. Theses

1- Moosavi Zahed, Farshad, Determination of Optimized Topology of Plates to Increase the Natural Frequency and Critical Buckling Forces, (1999)

2- Ghafarian, Mehdi, Implementation of Recovery Stress Methods in Evaluation of Error in the Solution of Thick Plate Problems, (1999)/sites/

3- Abedi Koopaei, Shahram,Topology Optimization of Steel Structures Under Seismic Excitation, (2001)

4- Fardinpour, Fazel, Topology Optimization of  Frame Bracing Systems Under Earthquake Loading, (2001)

5- Khalilian, Babak, A New Method for Finite Element Analysis of Incompressible Materials , (2002)

6- Tabatabaei, Amirali, Application of  the Finite Point Method in Numerical Solution of Solid Mechanics Problems, (2002)

7- Najafialmoosavi, Seyyed Mahmood, Topology Optimization of Plates Using Adaptivity (2002)

8- Barekatein, Alireza, Topology Optimization of Structures with Out-of- PLane Geometrical Nonlinearity  under  Lateral  Loading, (2003)

9- Mossaiby Barzy,  Farshid, An Investigation on Recovery Methods for Error Estimation in 3D Finite Element Problems, (2003)

10- Alizadeh, Atefeh, The Application of B-Spline and NURBS in the Finite Point Methods, (2004)

11- Jalapour, Mohammad, Error Estimation and Adaptivity in Finite Point Method, (2004)

12- Fattahpour, Ramin, Elasto-Dynamic Analysis for Semi Infinite Media Using Finite Element Method, (2005)

13- Gholamali, Hosein, Topology Optimization of Structures Using the Finite Point Method, (2006)

14- Kamran, Kazem , 3D Analysis of Incompressible Material by Linear Element Using Iterative Method, (2006)

15- Soghrati, Soheil, Implementation of Smooth Fundamental Functions in Solving Some Governing Differential Equations in Solid Mechanics, (2007)

16- Moazam, Saeid, On Wave Propagation in Unbounded Domains with FDM & FPM, (2007)

17- Pary Abarghooei, Hanieh, A New Recovery Based Error Estimator Using Fundamental Basis Function, (2008)

18- Shamsaei, Behrouz, Semi-Analytical Solution for Static and Forced Vibration Problems of Iaminated Beams through Smooth Fundamental Functions Method, (2008)

19- Kouhi Esfahani,  Mohammad, Implementation of Smooth Fundamental Functions in Solving Some Engineering Eigenvalue Problems, (2008)

20- Zandi Atashbar, Seyed Mahdi, Fluid - Structure Interaction Using Exponential Basis Functions Via a Lagrangian Meshless Method, (2009)

21-  Movahedian Attar, Bashir, Implementation of Exponential Basis Functions (EBFS) for Solving Some Multi-dimensional and Time-dependent Differential Equations, (2009)

22- Moradi, Roohallah, Finite Element Modeling of Materials with Incompressible Behavior in Elastic and Plastic Regimes, (2009)

23- Saboori, Hasan, A Semi Analytical Solution of 3D Differential Equation of Thick Plate in Static and Dynamic States by the Exponential Basis Functions, (2010)

24- Allahdadian, Saeid, Topology Optimization of 2D Plane Structures Under Static and Dynamic Transient Loading, (2011)

25- Shahbazi, Mina, On Bending and Free Vibration Problems of Thick Laminated Composite Plates through Exponential Basis Functions, (2011)

26-Taghdirian, Mohammadreza, Exponential Basis Functions (EBFs) in Solution of Fluid-Saturated Porous Media Differential Equations, (2011)

27- Noormohammadi, Nima, Solution of Solid Mechanics Problems using Generalized Basis Functions, (2011)

28- Soleimanifar, Ehsan, Solution Of Solid Mechanics Problems Using Smooth Basis Functions in a Meshless Local Form, (2011)

29- Niknejadi, Nafiseh,Structural Topology Optimization Using Mesh-Free Methods, (2012)

30- Azhari, Fatemeh, Exponential Basis Functions in the Analysis of Laminated Thick Plates Using a Higher-order Zig-Zag Deformation Theory, (2012)

31- Cheraghi, Najmeh, Numerical Modeling of Fluid-Structure Intraction over Rubber Dams, (2013)

32- Hashemi, Seyedhadi, Solution of 2D Time Dependent Engineering Problems with Exponential Basis Functions, (2013)

33- Abdollahi,Reza, The Use of Exponential Basis Functions in Solution of Nonlocal Elasticity Differential Equations, (2013)


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